Trans* rights in the United States. See a problem here?

& This is why I wont move off the west coast!

Nor I out of Minnesota!!!

just in case you folks don’t quite understand the implications of “employment discrimination” and “housing discrimination” i will break it down for you:

it means you can be FIRED from your job, no matter HOW long you’ve been working there or how great an employee you are, for NO other reason, and it means you can be KICKED OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND/OR EVICTED for NO OTHER REASON. it means you can be DENIED a job SOLELY because you are trans* and it means you can be denied a home SOLELY because you are trans*. and it is COMPLETELY LEGAL.

mass only recently ended this with the trans* rights bill we passed just a few months ago.

i hope you understand that the legal sanctioning of stripping BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS from trans* people is DIRECTLY CORRELATED with the outrageously high homelessness and SUICIDE rates of trans* people. THIS is part of why over 50% of trans* people UNDER 20 have attempted suicide, many successfully. 50 FUCKING PERCENT.

this is not just discrimination. this is STRIPPING people of their HUMANITY and ENDORSING their deaths. this is borderline LEGAL GENOCIDE.

This is certainly distressing, but could someone show me the source?

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